N SERIES - Dust Fans

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Fan Features

N48, Arr 4 Direct Drive

  • Durable, simple and efficient.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Strong and compact construction provides long trouble free performance under arduous conditions.
  • Every fan unit is thoroughly inspected and test run before despatching.
  • Components kept in stock to achieve quick delivery. Universal rotation - all the 8 angular positions, both clockwise or anti-clockwise can be obtained.

Fan Construction

  • Casing - heavy welded construction from plate steel. Side plates stiffened to prevent drumming.
  • Scroll designed to optimise fan pressure developed by impeller. Pedestal - top & sides fabricated from heavy mild steel plate.
  • The impeller is cast in one piece, with self cleaning radial blades, its rigid construction will ensure many years of trouble free service. The standard impeller is cast aluminium, however S.G. iron impellers are available for heavy duty applications.

All models are Direct Driven, Arrangement 4, fitted with 4I5V, 3 Phase electric motors

Optional Extras

Drain plug, inspection door, dampers, anti-vibration mounts, matching flanges, corrosive resistant coatings, stainless steel housing & impeller, anti-sparking construction.

Fan Applications

These fans are designed primarily for the conveying of solid materials through the fan such as sawdust, wool, cotton, fibre, wheat etc., fume and dust extraction. These fans are also ideal for general ventilation, drying, cooling, and exhausting.

How to Order

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N42 ACW90  

Step 1 » Fan Model.

Step 2 » Fan Rotation & Discharge Position

Step 3 » Special Requirements i.e. Heavy Duty S.G. Impeller, Accessories etc.

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