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MC Mancooler

The Aerotech range of Portable Mancooler Fans can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, combining strengths and long life with competitive cost.

Fan Applications

Industries like smelters, steel mills, foundries, forges, boiler making, laundries, brick kilns, glass works, textiles, bakeries, power stations etc. frequently experience the problem of local hot spots or pollution. Permanent systems to overcome these problems may be uneconomical or impractical. The Aerotech Mancooler Fans are designed to supply portable fresh air at low cost to cool local hot spots, process cooling, fume removal or just ventilation.

The ventilation of hot industrial environment improves productivity and work relations by preventing acute discomfort, heat induced illness and possible work injury. Air movement over the human body improves the evaporation of water(sweat) from the skin, thus reducing the body heat. An air velocity of 1.25 to 2.5 m/s ( 250 to 500 fpm ) will provide effective cooling in moderate to hot conditions.

Fan Construction

The Aerotech range of Portable Mancooler Fans features a high efficiency , non-corrosive, adjustable pitch aerofoil axial impeller , hot dip galvanised mild steel casing and is directly driven by a 415V, 3 phase or 240V, 1 phase, totally enclosed electric motor. The standard impeller is polypropylene, however aluminium impellers are available on request.

The motor is mounted on a platform inside the casing permitting temperature rise of 65°C. Flameproof motors are available on request. An external terminal box is provided for 3 Phase motors for easy connection to wiring circuit. Single phase units come with a lead and 3 pin plug.

The fan is mounted on a tubular mild steel support cradle, finished in hammertone enamel. The fan can be swivelled through 360 degrees and the discharge can be instantly locked in any direction by a hand operated lock nut. Four heavy duty castors are used to provide easy mobility and can be easily locked into position by pressing the brakes.

The fan inlet and outlet are coned for improved airflow and are fitted with safety guards. The whole unit is robustly built to stand firmly and withstand rough handling.

How to Order

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
MC480 4P 0.75kW 3ph

Step 1 » Fan Model.

Step 2 » Fan Speed, No. of Poles.

Step 3 » Motor Power.

Step 4 »Motor Phase : 1Ph or 3 Ph.

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