J, K & L SERIES - Non-Overloading Centrifugal Fans

Enquire About J, K & L SERIES - Non-Overloading Centrifugal Fans

Fan Features

J40, Arr. 4 Direct Driven

  • The combination of scientifically designed aerofoil or flat laminar blades with highly desirable non-overloading power characteristics.
  • Designed for stable, efficient and quiet operation over a wide range of duties.
  • Models J, K, and L Series - Backward inclined laminar impeller blades.
  • Models JA, and KA Series - Backward curved aerofoil impeller blades.
  • Components liberally sized to ensure long trouble free life.
  • Universal housing - fan outlet can be oriented in any standard direction. The direction of rotation can also be changed by reversing the housing and substituting an impeller of opposite handing.
  • Short delivery time - fan components held in stock.

Fan Construction

Casing - Heavy welded construction from plate steel. Side plates stiffened to prevent drumming. Scroll designed to optimise fan pressure developed by impeller.

Impeller - Ruggedly built, welded mild steel construction, dynamically balanced to International Standard ISO 1940, to ensure smooth running without vibration.

Pedestal - Top & sides fabricated from heavy mild steel plate.

All models are direct driven, Arrangement 4, fitted with 415V, 3 Phase Electric Motors.

Optional Extras

Drain plug, inspection door, silencer, filter, guards, damper, anti-vibration mounts, matching flanges, corrosive resistant coatings, stainless steel housing & impeller, anti-sparking construction.

Fan Applications

General air handling, pneumatic conveying, pollution control, ventilation, drying, cooling, exhausting, extraction of fumes and very light dust, chemical processing, combustion, food processing etc. The aerofoil bladed models JA and KA series are only suitable for clean air applications. Maximum operating temperature is 60°C.

How to Order

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
J45 Arr.4 CW180  

Step 1 » Fan Model.

Step 2 » Fan Arrangement : Arr.4 ; Arr.4F ;

Step 3 » Fan Rotation & Discharge Position

Step 4 » Special Requirements i.e.1440 RPM, 1 Phase Accessories etc.

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