F SERIES Pressure Blowers - Cast

Enquire About F SERIES Pressure Blowers - Cast

F24 - Arr. 4 Direct Drive

F24 - Arr. 4 Direct Drive

F34 - Arr. 1 Bare Shaft

F34 - Arr. 1 Bare Shaft

F34 - Arr. 4 Direct Drive

F34 - Arr. 4 Direct Drive

F24 - Belt Driven

F24 - Belt Driven

Fan Features

  • Rugged

    Designed and engineered for long service life.

  • Compact

    Specifically designed for incorporating into customer's plant and machines.

  • Competitive

    Economically priced compared with conventional fabricated fans of equivalent performance.

  • Reliable

    Every fan unit is thoroughly inspected and test run before despatching.

  • Quick Delivery

    Fans are usually available after 2 to 3 days from placement of order.

  • Efficient

    Fan housing and impeller designed for maximum efficiency and low noise level, thus saving operating costs.

  • Flat Curve

    The peak of the static pressure curve is generally quite broad, allowing a relatively wide range of air volume at an almost constant pressure. Fans can be dampered to almost no air delivery without pulsation or surge.

  • Adaptable

    Easily adjusted to alternative handing, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

  • Accessible

    Fan interior is easily accessible without disturbing fan location or electrical connections Casing for models F10 to F34 : Rugged, lightweight and rustproof cast aluminium split housing for maintenance ease. Optional cast iron casing available on request. Casings for models F42 to F78: Whole casing is fabricated in mild steel.

Fan Applications

Pneumatic conveying, combustion air, product cooling, drying, water blowoff, aeration, fluidising, suction, agitating, fume extraction, exhausting etc.

Fan Accessories

A complete line of accessories is available for easy installation: Inlet/outlet silencers, Inlet filters, Dampers for volume and pressure adjustments, Inlet guards for unducted inlets, anti-vibration mounts, Inlet/outlet rubber adaptors, Inlet/outlet spigots, Inlet elbows.

How to Order

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
F24 Arr.4 CW90 3ph

Step 1 » Fan Model.

Step 2 » Fan Arrangement : Arr.4 ; Arr.4F ; Arr.1 BS (Bare Shaft) ; Arr.2 BS; Arr.9 Packaged Unit.

Step 3 » Fan Rotation & Discharge Position.

Step 4 » Motor Phase : 1Ph or 3 Ph.

Step 5 » Special Requirements i.e. RPM, Accessories etc.

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