Fan Accessories

Aerotech stocks a wide variety of fan accessories to suit many commercial and industrial requirements.

See our comprehensive list below, but if there are any fan accessories that are not listed here then please contact us and we’ll do our best either to source it or fabricate a suitable replacement for you.


  • Matching flanges
  • Inlet or outlet dampers – parallel blade or ppposed blade
  • Variable inlet vanes (Viv's) to control fan performance
  • Guide vanes and flow straighteners
  • Silencers or noise attenuators
  • Inlet filters for dusty environment
  • Inlet boxes to replace inlet elbows in tight situations
  • Shaft seals - friction, V-ring, double lip, mechanical, Stuffing Box, Stuffing Box with gas purge
  • Cooling fins in cast aluminium for heat dissipation
  • Actuators and positioners - pneumatic or electrical
  • Flexible connections to reduce vibration transmission
  • Inlet and outlet transitions
  • Anti-vibration mounts - spring or rubber-in-shear
  • Safety mesh guards for open inlet or outlet
  • Lagged or cladded casings for noise / heat reduction
  • Split casings to facilitate transport, impeller & shaft removal
  • Anti-sparking and explosion-proof construction
  • Outlet evase to reduce velocity for static regain
  • Variable speed control to vary fan performance
  • Wear liners/plates, hard facing or thermal lining for abrasive conditions
  • Bearing and condition monitoring equipment
  • Backward withdrawal for easy access to impeller
  • Venturi system for conveying
  • Flywheel impeller to keep impeller running for a while after shut down
  • Discharge Silencer

    Discharge Silencer

  • Inlet Silencer

    Inlet Silencer

  • Parallel Blade Damper

    Parallel Blade Damper

  • Variable Inlet Vane

    Variable Inlet Vane

  • Opposed Blade Damper

    Opposed Blade Damper

  • Inlet Box

    Inlet Box

  • Transitions


  • Matching Flanges

    Matching Flanges

Aerotech Fans Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial ventilation systems and fan accessories. Contact us for more information.

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